CAT - Feral Friends

We are a volunteer not-for-profit organization and we spend all monies collected on cat welfare – mainly on veterinary expenses. Food, transport, phone, stationery, internet and all other expenses are covered by the volunteers themselves. We depend on fund-raising and donations from the public to fund our objectives.

Our main objective is to reduce the number of unwanted cats, by preventing the breeding of feral and stray cats, through a program of trapping, neutering, and returning cats.

Where a stray or feral mother has kittens, we foster and tame them with a view to rehoming them as domestic pets. Their mothers are either returned to the area they came from, or are rehomed if possible. However, without a sanctuary the number of cats we can do this for is sadly limited.

All donations are most gratefully received and are greatly needed and appreciated. All monies go to care for the cats and kittens we can help.